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Everyone in this lab is required to use LaTeX!

Install LaTeX on Ubuntu

The easiest way to install is to use this command below.

% sudo apt-get install texlive

Install LaTeX on Windows

You first need to install MikTeX then you can use any LaTeX editor you like. We recommend TeXnicCenter which is easy to use and configure.

LaTeX Symbols

Please visit LaTeX:Symbols.

Use Makefile to Compile Your LaTeX Project

See the Makefile below. You may change your-latex-document and your-latex-reference to suit your preference. Sometimes, the refernece page is not generated, so we may need to compile the project twice. This Makefile also does it for you.

NAME = your-latex-document
BIB = your-latex-reference.bib

ALLTEX = *.tex
SRC = $(NAME).tex

TARG = $(SRC:.tex=.pdf)

all: $(TARG)

$(TARG): $(SRC) $(BIB) $(ALLTEX)
	pdflatex $(NAME)
	bibtex $(NAME)
	pdflatex $(NAME)
	pdflatex $(NAME)

	rm -f *~ *log *lof *lot *nav *aux $(TARG) *.out *.blg *.brf *.bbl \
  *.bak *.dvi *.toc *.spl *.tar
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