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A flame and smoke detection system based on vision sensors aimed at early detection of fire incidents for open or closed indoor and outdoor environments. We use simple image and video processing techniques to compute motion and color cues, enabling segmentation of flame and smoke candidates from the background in real time.

We begin with color balancing, then separate smoke and flame detection streams operate on the image. Both streams identify candidate regions based on color information then perform morphological image processing on the candidates. The smoke detection stream then filters candidate regions based on turbulence flow rate analysis, and the flame detection stream filters based on growth and flow rate information.

QuickBlaze does not require any offline training, although manual adjustment of parameters during a calibration phase is required to cater to the particular camera’s depth of view and the surrounding environment.

In an extensive empirical evaluation benchmarking QuickBlaze against commercial fire detection software, we find that it has a better response time, is 2.66 times faster, and better localizes fire incidents. Detection of fire using our real-time video processing approach early on in the burning process holds the potential to decrease the length of the critical period from combustion to human response in the event of a fire.

The name QuickBlaze is not a trademark, but simply the name we have given to our approach and the prototype research software, mainly for ease of reading.

Video sequences selected for testing.
Seq. No. Description Duration (frames) Frames/Sec Fire/Smoke
M-1 Outdoor Plain Box 2208 24 Fire, Smoke
M-2 Multiple Boxes-1 4301 24 Fire, Smoke
M-3 Printed Box 5027 24 Fire, Smoke
M-4 Multiple Boxes-2 4500 24 Fire, Smoke
M-5 Barbeque stand 439 10 Fire
M-6 Plant Pot 707 15 Fire, Smoke
M-7 Chrismas Tree Room 1464 30 Fire
M-8 Warehouse Fire 4389 30 Fire
M-9 Dark Room Flame 410 24 Fire
M-10 Indoor Night 20m Heptane 1657 24 Fire
M-11 Outdoor Daytime 10m Gasoline 3490 24 Fire
M-12 Outdoor Daytime 10m Heptane 4547 24 Fire
M-13 Outdoor Night 10m Gasoline 1207 24 Fire
M-14 Outdoor Night 10m Heptane 3274 24 Fire
M-15 Hard Paper Flame on Grass 3436 25 Fire, Smoke
M-16 Wastebin Smoke 900 10 Smoke
M-17 Smoke from Car 155 30 Smoke
M-18 Behind the Fense 629 10 Smoke
M-19 Ballastic Smoke 347 30 Smoke
M-20 Box on Fire Outdoor (live-test 1160 15 None
M-21 Tunnel Accident 190 15 None
M-22 Moving Orange Balloon 1183 24 None
M-23 Car Lights at Night 155 15 None
M-24 Moving Man with Red Jacket 55 24 None
M-25 Black and White Cat 87 25 None
M-26 Man with White Shirt 223 25 None
M-27 Lady Moving 794 25 None
M-28 Girl Moving with White Shirt 178 15 None
M-29 Flame-like Neon Sign 529 24 None
M-30 Flame-like CD Cover 587 15 None

The binaries and source code will be uploaded soon.

This page is written by Waqar S. Qureshi. For more details please contact or

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